About Us

Jingcheng Inspection(JCI) is a professional inspection company in China with more than 8-year history. Aiming at “Terrific service, Timesaving result, Try to be your eye”, Jingcheng Inspection can offer all the clients the best service with the cheapest price, $158 per man-day,down price. Located in Guangdong province. We have our QC nets. Some of our clients are from Amazon. Thus, we are quite familiar with Amazon standard.

Jingcheng Inspection providing Factory Audit and Product Inspection services in China for importers around the globe. With a sound knowledge of the Western markets and Quality requirements, we fully understand our customers’ needs in respect of accuracy and quality.

Our strictly internal audit policy guarantees first-hand information veracity and integrity for Our Clients. Together with our profound experience and knowledge in the quality areas, it helped us earned a great reputation from our customers.

We are fully independent of any importer, exporter, supplier or manufacturer.